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Reusable fresh food package
for a better future

S.Lab’s reusable packages, incorporating insulated technology, can reduce
traditional packaging waste while keeping your food fresh for longer.

Start Greenie ECO today.

Replace single-use
Styrofoam box

In B2B distribution, single-use Styrofoam box is widely accepted to carry fresh food and is wasted at the arrival.

While replacing Styrofoam box, Greenie ECO ensures that it can be used more than 500 times without any performance degradation.

Keep your food fresh

Fresh food is vulnerable to temperature and can be critical to product quality maintenance if it rises above a certain temperature.

Greenie ECO, incorporating Vacuum Insulation technology, helps to maintain an unbroken cold chain and ensure product quality remains fresh and safe during transportation, even in unpredictable logistics environments.

Reduce greenhouse gas emission

Replacing Styrofoam box with Greenie ECO can reduce the greenhouse gas emission and Styrofoam waste caused by its production and one-time usage.

We provide a package pooling logistics which collects Greenie ECO box from final location, washes and delivers to the food producers.

Carbon Reduction Simulator

Weekly usage of Greenie ECO medium
Reduced carbon emission
amount by replacing Styrofoam

000,000kgCO₂eq per year

  1. The weight of Styrofoam which Greenie ECO medium replaces : 0.27kg
  2. Carbon emission amount from 1kg EPS Styrofoam : 5.078 kgCO₂eq


  1. Greenie ECO Small

    Greenie ECO Small 제품 이미지

    Payload 13L
    Material Polypropylene, VIP
    Insulated Panl 6
    External Dimensions 544 x 367 x 138 mm³
    Internal Dimensions 417 x 230 x 112 mm³
    Weight 2.85 kg
    Cool life 7D Summer : 12hours
    2EA ice pack 450g
  2. Greenie ECO Medium

    Greenie ECO Medium 제품 이미지

    Payload 23L
    Material Polypropylene, VIP
    Insulated Panl 6
    External Dimensions 544 x 367 x 228 mm³
    Internal Dimensions 417 x 227 x 202 mm³
    Weight 3.55 kg
    Cool life 7D Summer : 12hours
    2EA ice pack 450g
  3. Greenie ECO pallet

    Greenie ECO pallet 제품 이미지

    Payload 1839L
    Material Paper, PCM, PU
    Insulated Panl 6
    External Dimensions L1580 x W1280 x H1620 mm³
    Internal Dimensions L1370 x W1070 x H1255 mm³
    Weight 224 kg
    Cool life 7D Summer : 72hours


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Thermal performance

S.lab measures insulation quality according to the test criteria of the ISTA 7D Summer Scenario. When transporting fresh food at the same external temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius, Greenie ECO Packaging maintains a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius for 16 hours, while Styrofoam takes about 11 hours.

It has been confirmed that Greenie ECO Packaging maintains approximately 30% more freshness than Styrofoam.

No contamination from the package

Greenie ECO Packaging is made of chemically stable Polypropylene material, making it safe for direct contact with raw seafood, meat, and other food items, without posing harm to human health.

In addition, the packaging's durability ensures that it does not break or crumble during transportation, preventing any food packaging debris from mixing with the contents.

Reduce logistics cost & enhance space efficiency

Greenie ECO insulation performance enables transportation of products with different storage temperature ranges in the same environment. Fresh, refrigerated, and frozen products can be packaged in Greenie ECO units and transported on a single truck, or refrigerated food can be transported safely in a non-refrigerated vehicle without any quality issues.

Designed for smart logistics, Greenie ECO maximizes storage efficiency in logistics centers.

Operational ease

Greenie ECO’s standardized box size ensures a fast and easy flow at automated distribution centers.

Based on a 1100mm x 1100mm pallet, 6 pallets per layer can be palletized.

Circular economy

We plan to collect inoperative Greenie ECO that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and recycle back to the new box.

Our effort of 100% recycling can benefit your community and the environment.

Global Recycled Standard

Carbon footprint dashboard

Greenie provides a carbon footprint digital dashboard, where Greenie customers can easily monitor how much the greenhouse gas emission was reduced whenever they order Greenie ECO box.

The reduced amount can be regularly shared with partners, customers or even investors who are sensitive about Scope 3 carbon amount generated by upstream suppliers.